Academic report: Prof. Huaping Xu, Dr. Jiqing Sun and Dr. Yan Li


On November 7, 2019, be invited by professor Feng Shi from  the State Key Laboratory of Chemical Resource Engineering, professor Huoping Xu from the department of chemistry of tsinghua university came to our school for an academic visit and gave a wonderful academic report entitled dynamic response of selenium-containing polymers.Dr. Jiqing Sun and Dr. Yan Li recommend their new journal Matter and Cell Reports Physical Science.
    Professor Huaping Xu in the academic report of dynamic responsive polymer containing selenium ,shared with us about their latest research discovers: the design, synthesis and surrounding polymer containing selenium assembly to conduct research and development of selenium in polymer synthetic chemistry, selenium and other elements, the nature of the covalent and non covalent interaction, dynamic covalent materials containing selenium preparation, set up selenium/tellurium molecular assembly body and the concentration of intracellular reactive oxygen species (ROS).Moreover, selenium-containing polymers have been widely recognized by international peers as two new biomedical polymer materials with good response to ROS.

    Dr Jiqing Sun has recommended their new issue, Matter, which was launched by Cell in 2019 and is a sister journal to Cell, Chem and Joule.The journal is dedicated to publishing high-level papers in the field of materials science, providing a platform for innovative materials papers in the fields of biological materials, energy materials and optical materials.

    Dr. Yan Li recommended their new journal, Cell Reports Physical Science.In contrast to the life sciences, the material science is a branch of the natural science that deals with non-living systems.It is published in the frontiers of material science, including chemistry, physics, materials science, energy science, engineering and related interdisciplinary work.It will provide authors with the same level of editorial excellence and support they expect from flagship journals such as Chem, Joule and Matter.

    After the report, the teachers and students actively asked questions, discussed and communicated with professor Huaping Xu, Dr. Jiqing Sun and Dr. Yan Li about the questions they were interested in. 

About professor xu huaping:
Huaping Xu, professor, department of chemistry, tsinghua university.In 2001 and 2006, he received his bachelor's degree and doctor's degree respectively from the school of chemistry of jilin university under the supervision of academician Xi Zhang.From April 2004 to March 2005, studied as an exchange student in the university of leuven, Belgium.From August 2006 to July 2008, he was engaged in postdoctoral research at the university of Twente in the Netherlands.Since July 2008, he have been working in the department of chemistry of tsinghua university. Since 2014,he have been a professor in the department of chemistry of tsinghua university.In 2011, he won the youth chemistry prize of Chinese chemical society.In 2014, he was supported by the outstanding youth science foundation of the national natural science foundation of China.He was selected as the top young talent in the 10,000 talents program of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee in 2014 and the leading talent in the 10,000 talents program in 2017.Since 2017, he has been the deputy editor of ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering.He was appointed deputy secretary general of Beijing chemical society, deputy chairman of chemistry education discipline committee of China chemical society and member of youth workers committee.The main research direction is selenium containing polymer.
About Dr. Jiqing Sun:
Jiqing Sun received his Ph.D. degree in philosophy from Griffith University (Australia) in 2018 and Ph.D. degree in Material Science from NCNST (China) in 2019.  He joined Cell Press from March 2019 and is now working as the Scientific editor of Matter, based in Asia.
About Dr. Yan Li:
Yan Li received his Ph.D. degree from the chemistry department of Tsinghua University. After graduation, he carried out postdoc research in University of Houston and later in Wageningen University. In 2012, he joined Wiley publishing and was the editor of several journals, e.g., Advanced Functional Materials, Small and Chemistry-A European Journal. He joined Cell Press in 2019, and currently is the scientific editor of Cell Reports Physical Science.