Congratulations to Chao Jiang and Caijun Luo on the acceptance of manuscript by J. Mater. Chem. A


Recently, Chao Jiang and Caijun Luo's article about the tailoring of layer-by-layer assembly using the hypergravity technology has been accepted by Journal of Materials Chemistry A. Hypergravity technology in the chemical industry as a strong and effective process-intensified technique can be used for the rapid building of layer-by-layer film. In the layer-by-layer assembly of polyacrylate / polyacrylamide-porphyrin complex, we introduce a hypergravity field effect: hypergravity field significantly reduces the thickness of fluid boundary layer  of the substrate surface, thereby reducing the diffusion time  of solute molecules from the bulk fluid to the substrate surface, namely the saturated adsorption time, to achieve the rapid building of multilayers; at same time, hypergravity field provides a great shear force, effectively reducing the surface roughness of the as-obtained film  and achieving the transition of film growth mode from the exponential growth to the linear growth. Hypergravity field can be also applied to the systems of polyacrylamide/Poly(sodium-p-styrenesulfonate) and polyacrylamide-polyacrylic acid complex/poPoly(sodium-p-styrenesulfonate).