2008.10-nowProfessor, College of Materials Science and Engineering, Beijing University of Chemical Technology
2007.09-2008.09Postdoctoral, Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research;
Cooperation supervisor: Prof. Wolfgang Knoll
2005.05-2005.07Cooperative research, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel; Cooperation supervisor: Prof. Itamar Willner
2004.09-2007.07PhD degree of Chemistry, Tsinghua University;
Supervisor: Prof. Xi Zhang
2002.04-2002.07Cooperative research, Institute of Physics Department of Applied Physics, University of Muenster;
Cooperation supervisors: Prof. Harald Fuchs, Prof. Lifeng Chi
2001.09-2004.07Master's degree of Polymer Chemistry and Physics, Jilin University; Supervisor: Prof. Xi Zhang
1997.09-2001.07Bachelor's degree of Polymer Materials and Engineering, Jilin University; Supervisor: Prof. Xi Zhang